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Coolest Bagpuss Birthday Cake

My daughter chose a Bagpuss theme for her 7th birthday party and it was a real nostalgia trip for me! I just had to try and make a Homemade Bagpuss Birthday Cake and was really pleased with the results.

I used a 1 litre pudding basin cake (halved & filled with buttercream) for the body and a 20cm round cake about 4cm deep for the head & legs. Cut the round cake into quarters and sandwich 2 together with buttercream then trim to make the head. From the other two quarters use a single cut to form a triangle (for front legs) and use the remainder for the back legs (see picture). Cut 2 small slices off the sides of the body so that the back legs sit in more closely.

Next cover each piece with buttercream and white sugarpaste (you don’t need to be too neat as this won’t show, but it is needed so that the piped icing will stick properly). Now assemble the cake, sticking the parts together with buttercream & securing the head with cocktail sticks. Shape a tail, muzzle and 2 ears from sugarpaste and attach with water or edible glue, using cocktail sticks to support the ears (see picture).

Colour 250g fudge icing (available in tubs) pink and 250g ivory (I use gel colouring from Lakeland), fill one piping bag with each and use No 6 piping nozzles. Use a Bagpuss cuddly toy or picture to copy the stripe pattern over the whole cake by piping small rosettes in a ‘random’ fashion, one colour at a time. This is not hard but took around 2 hours. Leave gaps for the eyes and nose. Colour a small amount of fudge icing blue (for eyes) and black (for pupils, nose, mouth & feet). Pipe them carefully using a small plain nozzle. You could add whiskers using thin wire or stiff thread, but I didn’t have any to hand & nobody noticed. Your Bagpuss cake is complete – now enjoy!

Homemade Bagpuss Birthday Cake

Homemade Bagpuss Birthday Cake

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