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Coolest Homemade Bakugan Birthday Cake with Cool Coconut Start

Every year my son asks for a special cake and this year was no exception. He wanted a Bakugan birthday cake. I knew there was no way to make an open Bakugan figure, so I started looking for different ideas. What I settled on came from a variety of places, some even from this site!

I took the idea of the Bakugan Ball and the card and put them in one! I made a double recipe chocolate cake from Hershey’s Cocoa for the card. I then used a white cake recipe from allrecipes.com for the ball. I used the Wilson Sports Ball cake pan for the Bakugan and an oversized rectangular pan for the card. I FROZE both after they were both cooled out of the oven.

For the card, I used buttercream frosting (just butter, powder sugar, milk, and vanilla) and colored it yellow/orange. I mashed up a few Oreo cookies (just the cookie part) and sprinkled them on the corners of the cake using a spoon.

I took a poster board and cut out a star in one piece (important for both layers of coconut I used to decorate!). I took the inside part of the cutout star and laid it on top of the frosted cake. I then sprinkled red colored coconut pretty heavily around the star. Then I added orange and a bit of yellow. I then removed the cutout. I put the full poster board (with the same star opening) on the cake so that it lined up where only the frosting showed. I then sprinkled white coconut (I tried using powder sugar on my practice cake but the sugar was absorbed by the buttercream frosting, so not a good idea!).

For the ball: I cut a 1/4 inch off the bottom of one of the sides. I then started frosting the part closest to the ‘bottom’ while holding that part in my hands (I used buttercream frosting as well colored with green/blue). When it was frosted all around I placed it on the ‘card’ cake. I then frosted the center of it and attached the top part of the ball (using nothing but the frosting to ‘stick’ it together). After I finished frosting the ball, I took my fingers dipped in milk and smoothed the ball.

I then used a skewer to draw different designs using one of my son’s Bakugans as a guide. I used the skewer to help me attach different colors (of the same buttercream frosting) and to make straight lines. I kept a bit of milk nearby to help make it more pliable.

Lastly I added Dan, the main Character, to the top of the cake with the candles and finished the bottom of the cake off with decorative frosting. I put my son’s name on the platter because there was no room on the homemade Bakugan birthday cake!

The kids loved it! (and so did all the adults!)

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