My son Jaxon wanted a Bakugan party for his 6th birthday. After tossing around a few ideas this Bakugan Birthday Cake was what I came up with. I used the back of the cards for the idea. There are 29 cupcakes in this cake. It helps if you can get all of the cupcakes the same size.

I used white icing in the middle, yellow icing around the white and orange icing around the edge. Then I dragged the knife through the three colors to made it look like the burst of light. I photocopied the card to the size I wanted on the cake so it was easier to pipe the words and symbol on. I found a round container the right size for the circle and then just went from there.

Then I piped black around the edge. The kids loved it and the parents couldn’t believe that I actually made it. We had the party at the movie theater so after the kids watched Bakugan on the big screen this was a great ending to a great party.