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Cute Homemade Bakugan Cake for a Birthday Party

Thanks to Bakugan Cake #3 (made by Shannon L) for her idea and details. My son saw it and wanted one like that. His major concern was the toys in the middle and keeping them! You can read her detailed directions for making the Lindt chocolate balls into Bakugan balls. I used Wilton spray to color the cake after icing white. My cake was two 9×13 cakes with strawberry cream center.

My tips:

I stuck toothpicks in Lindt balls and left them in to then place in cake too. Keeping the toothpicks in them allowed me to stick and store them in Styrofoam. I made them 2 days in advance and just had them waiting around, stuck in the foam until placement on the cake. I used colored icing to decorate balls with crazy Bakugan designs. When I removed the balls it was easy to give out to guests on the toothpicks too.

I only used white Wilton pearl dust and added Wilton gel coloring to make them different colors (because I own a lot of food coloring gel!) The pearl dust seemed to go on the milk chocolate balls the worse- it just keep beading (like rainwater on a windshield). Even with the white balls, I found I had to keep “painting” it to get it to smooth out and color the ball but eventually it would cover it. If you can, do them in advance.

Thanks again Shannon!

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