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Coolest Baltimore Orioles Baseball Cake

My stepson loves the Major league baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, and that’s what he wanted on his birthday cake. So I printed off a copy of the logo and the mascot from the computer searching Google images. I used the print-offs to create the decorations for the cake by placing wax paper (tape the wax paper down so it doesn’t move all over) over the top (spraying cooking spray over it and spread it with your finger so it isn’t too thick) and tracing them with icing (I used a pampered chef icing gun to apply the icing).

Once they were done I put them in the freezer overnight. I baked the cake and iced it with black frosting using black food coloring in chocolate icing to get the black color. Then took the decorations from the freezer to the cake by peeling them off the wax paper and placing them where desired on the cake (work quickly with these, they thaw out quickly!) you could do this with any baseball team by just printing off the logo you want.

He loved this Baltimore Orioles Baseball Cake!

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