Coolest Barbie as Rapunzel Cake

When my daughter turned 5 her favorite movie to watch was Barbie Rapunzel. At the end of the DVD was a special about the artist who did the artwork for the movie. One of her paintings of a girl blowing bubbles caught my daughter’s eye. As blowing bubbles and this movie were her favorites at the time, she decided she had to have a Barbie as Rapunzel cake that looked like this painting.

To make the cake, I used 2 Duncan Hines cake mixes (chocolate and strawberry) to make a 13×9 sheet cake and 2 8″ round cakes. I sized the picture of the painting to fit the 13×9 cake with some excess for the head and printed it out in black and white ink. I cut around the outline of the girl and her hat and carved and placed the cake pieces to fit the outline (using the 13×9 for the body and the 8″ for the head). Using the printed picture as a guide, I marked off the areas for face, arms, dress and hat by making score marks in the cake with the point of the knife. I used Pillsbury Classic White frosting colored with food coloring pink and flesh-tone and iced the above listed areas first (for face and arms I just spread the frosting on, for the dress and hat areas I used a decorator tip to give a different texture).

After all other areas were covered, I used another container of the frosting (tinted to match my daughter’s hair color)to pipe the hair all around the face and over the shoulder of the dress. I wanted the hair to have a wind-blown look to match the painting.

We took a bubble wand from an empty bubble container and placed it in the “hands” of the girl and used iridescent Christmas ornaments and transparent colored bouncy balls placed around and on the cake for the “bubbles”. The effect was great and the cake was a big hit!

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