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Sweet Homemade Purple Barbie Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted to have a dancing party and all of the girls were going to get purple tutus as party favors and dance to her favorite song. She also loves Barbie, so I thought she might like a Barbie birthday cake.

I selected a Barbie that we already owned that also had pinned up hair (so as not go get icing in it). I just washed, rinsed and dried her. Next I started baking the cakes. I used spice cake mix. For the top part of the skirt, I filled a stainless steel mixing bowl (6 in diameter- nice and small) about 2/3 full of cake mix. I baked it at 350 and just watched it until it had risen and looked a little browned. If I did it again, I wouldn’t put so much mix in, as it did rise a lot. Next, I cooked two 9-inch round layers. All of this took 2 mix boxes.

I then stacked the layers on top of each other to compare their height to Barbie’s hips. I ended up cutting a couple inches off of the wide end of the bowl-shaped layer to make the cake the right height. After this, I put a very thin layer of icing in between all of the layers. Next, I divided the icing into 2 bowls and colored them 2 different shades of purple with Wilton’s icing colors (Hobby Lobby). I covered the whole cake in light purple icing. Next I stuck Barbie into the cake with her arms up so they wouldn’t get in my way. I then made her a bodice of light purple icing and smoothed it down to meet the skirt.

The medium purple was harder. I used a bag and a flat petal tip to apply the icing. I covered the sides of the front of her bodice and made the draped skirt with the petal tip and icing bag. To get rid of the “lines” I smoothed it all out with a hot wet knife.

Then all I did was take some purple decorators icing from Walmart with a very tiny round decorator tip from Wilton’s and made the dark purple outlines and laces on her bodice. Then I just stuck some silk roses into the dress which I purchased for very cheap in the wedding craft area of Walmart. Then I wrapped a thin string of plastic pearls around the bottom of the dress. Lower Barbies arms. It’s easier to make a strapless dress, so that’s what I did.

My daughter and everyone else loved this cake! I prayed that God would help me to not make a huge mess of this and to guide my hands. And He did. I think this was the best cake I’ve ever turned out and I don’t think I’m that talented.

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  1. The cake looks awesome!! I really loved the color combination. It doesn’t seem that this barbie cake has been baked at home. I even love making cakes but I cant be that creative enough to bake a barbie cake.


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