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Cool Homemade Pink and Yellow Barbie Birthday Cake

I offered to make a Barbie doll cake for my friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday.  I used the Wilton Wonder mold pan rented from my local cake supply store and also baked one 8″ cake to go underneath and add the height I needed to accommodate an actual Barbie doll.  The Wonder mold pan required 2 mixes and I put one mix in the one 8″ pan.  When all cakes were baked and cooled, I cut the Wonder mold cake in half horizontally so that I had 3 layers total.

Instead of trying to cut the hole for the doll through all layers at once, I separated the layers and cut each hold individually.  I then reassembled the cake.  I wrapped the Barbie doll from the waist down in cling wrap so it wouldn’t get messy being in the cake.  I then made a simple butter cream frosting and did a crumb coat layer of icing on the entire cake.

I used a small star tip to make the gold colored front of the dress.  Then, I used a petal tip 104 to make the ruffles around the dress.  I then used a slightly larger star tip to make the shell border on the bottom and I had purchased a few pre-made roses for the bottom of the dress. I decided that the dress still needed a little more to it so I took the smaller star tip again and made little stars randomly around the dress to break up the pink a little bit.

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