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Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Barbie Cake

Our God daughter Isabella was having her 4th birthday on Thanksgiving and was coming to our house to celebrate. I have 2 teenage boys so I was very excited to try something new. I came to this website for ideas on how to create a nice Barbie cake.

I used 2 German Chocolate cake mixes. I baked one Bundt pan cake and the other half of the batter I split between a 9 inch pan and a 10 inch pan. After the cakes were cool I put the 10 inch on the bottom then the 9 inch and the bundt cake on the top. I wrapped Barbie’s bottom half in a ziplock baggie and inserted her into the hole of the bundt cake pressing her down through both bottom layers.

I trimmed the edge of the bundt cake smooth and tried to shape it like a dress. I used 5 batches of butter creme frosting and frosted the whole cake first with the white frosting. Between the layers too. Then I used the coconut frosting that is normally used on German sweet chocolate cake and frosted the overskirt and Barbies arms and torso. Then I piped around the edge of the skirt, the sleeves, neckline and muff.

Isabella loved it.

Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Barbie Cake

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