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Fun Homemade Pink Barbie Cake for a 4 Year Old

This Barbie Cake was for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She LOVES Sleeping Beauty, so I made this in pink (and borrowed Sleeping Beauty’s crown) which makes her Sleeping Beauty in my daughter’s eyes.

I used #76 on this site as a model/guide. I used the Wilton mold and followed the directions that came with that as far baking, etc. I also used a real Barbie instead of the “doll on a stick” that comes with the mold. Once cooled this cake took me about 2 hours to decorate – being an amateur.

This was my first time using fondant, and it was a much easier to work with than I had anticipated. However, I had to buy a lot more than what I initially thought. I couldn’t get the dress part to fit in one piece (because I didn’t have enough and had to go to the store to get more) so there were “seems” on either side, which I covered with the larger flowers of the same color (rolled fondant flat and used fondant cutouts). NOTE: Anything you plan to use fondant on must be iced (with icing) first, including the doll. At least for me it made the fondant adhere much easier to whatever I was putting it on.

I put the flowers out in front to put the candles in when we sing to her. The “balls” around the bottom add a nice touch and cover up any messy edges around the bottom of the dress. I also plan on adding some glitter sugar sprinkles before her party to make it “glisten”. She saw it and put her hands to her mouth and said “Ooooohhh, she’s so beautiful!”. Mission complete!

My best advice is have a plan and be creative. You can fix any ‘mistake’ if you’re creative!

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