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Coolest Barbie Cake Design 328

To make this Homemade Barbie Cake Design I started out by using the Wilton Cake Pan and a cake mix. The cake takes forever to cook. Once I stood the Barbie next to the cake I knew it wasn’t going to be tall enough so I added rice krispie squares to the base of the cake until I had the right shape and was tall enough for the Barbie. I found this step to be the most time consuming.

I then inserted the Barbie and covered the cake in buttercream icing (one batch). I then made marshmallow fondant (one batch) and coloured it pink and purple. I first covered the cake in the pink fondant and then added the purple as the top of the dress and for an added decoration at the bottom. I purchased the silver sparkles at our local Bulk Food Store with the sprinkles and also added the silk rose to add to the dress.

Some helpful tips: Warm fondant in microwave to make it easier to work with ie. 10 seconds at a time and use cornstarch for rolling. I had soo much fun making this cake and my 3 year old loved it….when it first finished she sat for 1/2 hr just looking at her cake. It was the highlight of the party and a lot of the guests were surprised when they heard that I made it. I will for sure by making another Barbie Cake in the future!

Homemade Barbie Cake Design

Homemade Barbie Cake Design

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