Cute Homemade Pink, White and Purple Barbie Doll Cake

This Barbie doll cake was just a practice cake for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!  I used the Wilton doll cake pan and for the bottom layer used a 10″ square cake pan. I used one box white cake mix for each pan. I made a batch of my favorite butter cream icing. I set some aside and colored the rest light pink. I crumb coated both layers, adding more to the bottom layer smoothing the icing out to look even. I then colored some of the icing each pink and purple and left some white. I then filled each of the colors into piping bags using star tips. I alternated colors and covered the skirt.

I put some icing around the hole for the doll to keep her in place and covered her bodice with pink icing. I then filled a piping bag with the rest of the white icing. I used a round tip and put small dots around bottom of skirt and borders of square cake. After done icing, I added 4 edible flowers to the corners of the square cake. Enjoy!