Coolest Barbie Princess

I have been baking for many years but just recently started finishing cakes with fondant. Using the internet and online videos I’ve learned to improve my baking skills bit by bit.

Meal time has always been important in our family. Baking bread, cupcakes, cookies and cakes gives much joy to all of the family. I began a tradition of baking birthday cakes for my grandchildren and every year talk about what it is they would like for their birthday.

In this day and age where people are so mobile and it doesn’t seem families spend simple times together, like dinner, I like the idea of a home baked cake and how the design is created through time spent with each of my grandchildren and their parents. I could just as easily drive to a grocery store or local bakery and buy a cake but it is not as fulfilling or satisfying as giving my time and creating just what my family wants and enjoys.

This is a Barbie princess cake I made.

Homemade Barbie Princess

Homemade Barbie Princess

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