Coolest Barbie’s Car Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a  birthday cake for a little girl who simply loves Barbie. One day while I was driving, a beautiful white convertible car passed in front of me and that was the inspiration for my cake. I said, how about a nice modern convertible sports car for the most fashionable doll in the world?, pink colored of course!.

First of all I wanted that a Barbie doll could sit in the car/cake so I borrowed a doll from my daughter and put it in a rectangular cake pan to see if it fits. After finding the right pan size I baked 2 cakes. I was lucky because I had 2 cake pans of the same size. After the cakes were cool, I put them on top of each other with some frosting in between and started to carve the cake. I started with the bonnet and proceeded to the rear part of the car. When both sides were ready I dirty iced the whole cake and covered it in light pink fondant. When it was completely covered I started to carve the center by digging a rectangular hole. When the hole was big enough I covered it’s surface with black fondant to give the impression of a black leather interior.

For the windscreen, I cut a piece of black card paper and laid a thin layer of light grey fondant for the glass. I’ve inserted the card into the cake and helped it to stay up with some toothpicks from underneath. I did also a bonnet with a piece of black fondant, a steering wheel and molded 2 seats. I molded also 4 black wheels and put a grey rim in their centers. With the back of a knife I indented the outline of the side doors the bonnet and of the luggage boot.  I did the handles with 2 tiny pieces of pink fondant and did the side mirrors as well.

Last but not least, in order to give it that personal touch, I cut 2 rectangular number plates from some white fondant and I stuck one to the front and the other to the back. With a black edible pen I wrote the name of the birthday girl on the front plate and her date of birth on the rear one.

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