Cool Homemade Barn Cake

I made this barn cake for my son’s third birthday. I used 2 cake mixes to make 4 cakes in loaf pans, cutting the top off of two of the loaf pans. Then staked a “domed” loaf on top of a flat loaf and put them side by side.

In the “valley” I used 2 long snack cakes with graham crackers on the sides to create the first raised roof. On top of that I used a third of a snack cake and pieces of graham crackers to create the final peak.

The silo is fudge striped cookies stacked together with icing. I put a straw in the middle to prevent too much slipping.

I looked at several pictures on this site, and at several of the toy barns my son has. Then I just used what I had on hand. I had intended to use the snack cakes for hay bales, but needed them for the roof and so I used toasted coconut for some hay.

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