I was asked to make a barrel cake for my friend’s son who is to become 30 years old. She decided to have a cake the shape of a barrel with two pints of larger on the top. I made a four layer 8″ vanilla sponge cake and filled the layers with jam and butter cream then I cut the cake into shape like a barrel. I then covered the whole cake with a thin layer of butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill.

I then colored the butter cream brown and covered the whole cake  with a thick layer of butter cream scraping grooves into the butter cream  This was left to harden overnight. I then made some glasses of larger out of flower paste in a yellow/gold color and placed some white roll out icing on the top of the glass to resemble the froth or head on the beer. I sprinkled glitter around the top of the cake. I cut out a 3 and 0 in flower paste and attached to the cake and then cut out lettering for cheers. Michael in white icing and happy birthday in brown icing. I cut out some shapes like pretzels in brown and then I covered the rest of the cake board in white. I then attached all the letters into place. My friend was really pleased at the end result.