Coolest Bart Simpson Cake

I made this Bart Simpson Cake for my little brother’s 8th birthday in 2009. I had never done a cake like this before so basically had no idea what I was doing but was extremely happy with how it turned out considering.

The cake itself is 2 separate cakes just sitting side by side. I baked them using a basic vanilla cake recipe and leveled them out with a bread knife. I found the picture online, printed it, enlarged it to A3 size and then traced it on to baking paper.

The icing is buttercream icing with lots of food dye so the texture ended up being a bit funny but it still tasted good. I cut the design outline out, pinned it to the cakes with toothpicks, and cut around the outline into the cakes. I then cut the template up section by section, colouring in each part as I took the paper off, a bit like a colour-in page. Finally I used a gel writing icing tube for the black detail.

It looked great and the kids loved it but I learned a lot from this as the icing set hard and the cake was a little dry.

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