Cute Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake for My Boyfriend

I made this Baseball Birthday Cake for my boyfriend for his 24th birthday party. Such a great way to capture a true baseball lovers interest! I stacked two cakes for the lower tier. I made them magic cakes by separating the cake mixture into 4 separate bowls and adding food coloring to each bowl individually. Then the mixtures got poured in layer by layer until the cake pan has enough mixture. Then take a tooth pick and swirl the colors together a bit, letting them run into one another. This gives the cake some exciting rainbow colors, and really impresses the birthday boy or girl!

The baseball was made by using the Wilton sphere mold. I used butter-cream on the whole cake. A star tip to make the baseball white, and a flat tip to create the red threading. The grass was made by using two different green colors and making waves(grass blades) with a knife. To simulate dirt I used graham cracker crumbs. I used two wooden kebab skewers for the support to keep the ball secure.

So much fun to make, and definitely a crowd pleaser.