Cool Homemade Baseball Diamond Birthday Cake

I made this baseball birthday cake for my son’s baseball themed 7th birthday. I used a 14″ round pan and two cake mixes. The infield dirt is made out of brown sugar (yum!). I put a little extra sugar on the pitcher’s mound, so that it was raised up a little. The grass is made with Wilton tip #233.

I alternated dark and light green butter cream frosting for the outfield, to give it that custom mowed look. The bases were made out of mini marshmallows. I thought about using white gumballs, but the size wasn’t quite right.

For the foul posts, I used pretzel rods dipped in melted yellow colored chocolate drops. I attached them to the side of the cake with extra green frosting. I also used graham crackers for the back wall, and wrote distances out of frosting. I finished off the bottom edge of the cake with more grass (tip #233).

My son loved his cake! It was relatively easy to make, and made a huge wow factor!

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