Cute Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake

This baseball birthday cake was my first attempt to make a 3-D cake. Being nervous I began the cake making process 3 days early. Purchased the cake pan and read the directions twice over. I even made sure I had enough batter making supplies to make an extra one if needed.

A successful first attempt ? I was feeling great! The birthday boy was so ecstatic and the parents were thanking me on it was much better than they had ever imagined.  The children at the party were all putting orders in for their birthday cake. Then, l I figured out that the cake began to settle a bit. Thought to my self, I put a wooden dowel inside to keep the baseball from moving. It should be sturdy enough. Well, suddenly the dowel began to peak out from the top of the cake. It was pretty funny, though the kids did not mind and it was all gone and no left overs.


Coolest Baseball Birthday Cake