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Coolest Baseball Mascot Cake

I made this baseball mascot cake for a friend’s birthday party. She is really into baseball so I figured the mascot for her home team would be perfect. Thus the Philly fanatic cake was born.

I made this cake by baking two 9″ round pans and one small Pyrex bowl( yes this can go in your oven). I then shaved the cakes down to form an octogon shape. I covered this guy with homemade buttercream using the Wilton star tip and the pull out option to make his fur.

He was a real success at the party and I think he turned out great!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Baseball Mascot Cake”

  1. I love your cake and was hoping you could send me some detailed directions on shaping the Philly phanatic. I am hoping to make a cake just like it for my grandson’s birthday.


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