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Coolest Baseball Team Cake

I made this Baseball Team Cake for my son’s baseball team end of year cookout. Kids love these cakes!

The top layer cake is from 9″ cake pans, trimmed slightly to remove the harder edges. The bottom layer was from a larger cake pans, also trimmed slightly.

I covered both layers in white fondant. Our school colors are red, black, and white. My ribbons on the cake are supposed to be red, but red is very hard to get when adding red gel to white fondant. Your best bet is to just by the red fondant.

I covered the cupcakes with fondant and used red gel icing to decorate the stitches. The MTZ on the top layer was supposed to be made with black fondant, but again, black is also hard to mix dark enough. I once again used black gel icing and red gel icing for the stitches.

The fondant I use is made with marshmallows and powdered sugar. This makes a huge mess, but is so much cheaper and tastes better than the store bought.

This cake was very simple to make and the kids just loved it (parents too)! Just be careful, you may have several more requests for cakes!

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