Cool Homemade 3D Basketball Birthday Cake

This basketball cake was made for Inbar’s 5th birthday. He loves basketball and is a fan of the Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv, who’s colors are yellow and blue. The cake is a chocolate cake, any chocolate cake will do, as long as it is baked in a half ball cake tray. It’s topped with RFM colored orange and lined with an eatable black marker.

The figure on top is made with RFM as well and for his hair I used a garlic crusher. This was my first time using RFM which is not such an easy material to handle. There’s need for instructions from more professional RFM artists than me, but since children like the very sweet taste of it, and it enables endless imaginative opportunities, I think I’ll allow my children once a year this kind of cake.

Inbar, our youngest child out of three, was so happy with this cake in his kindergarden celebration, that he asked for a similar cake a few days later in the family celebration.

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