Coolest KU Basketball Birthday Cake

My husband is a big fan of KU Basketball, and since his birthday is in March – March Madness and his love for Jayhawks inspired this basketball birthday cake.

I used a chocolate cake recipe from Epicurious. I made 3 layers of the cake and frosted with seedless raspberry jam and whipped bittersweet chocolate ganache – yum! As for the decorations I made marshmallow fondant – super easy and way cheaper than buying a pre-made fondant (you can find the recipe if you Google ‘marshmallow fondant’). I added gel colors to the melted marshmallow mixture, before kneading in the sugar, that way the color was uniform from the get go. I rolled out the fondant and wrapped it over the top of the frosted cake – smoothed out.

I then printed out Jayhawk the desired size and cut out individual parts. I then placed the paper parts on top of rolled out fondant of coordinating color and traced it with exacto knife. Moistened the pieces to be attached, put the Jayhawk together as well as the letters, stars and basketball and voila!

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