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Coolest Basketball Cake

I made this round two layer basketball cake for my daughter’s 12th birthday party. I used a half a ball mold and carved out a round space for the ball to be lowered into the cake. We decorated the ball with orange color and black licorice. We used a towel to dab the ball for the leather look.

We used stick pretzels around the sides of the cake to look like the net and red licorice around the outer edge to look like the rim. It was super fun to make with the kids. It’s nowhere near perfect but everyone really loved it.

I don’t make a lot of cakes so it took a while, like 4 hours but it was well worth it. We also tried to fill in the space of the cake tray with wrapped Dove chocolates which made an extra treat. As soon as I placed the cake on the table the kids all tried to sneak a piece of chocolate right away. My daughters both helped so it made it extra special.