Coolest Basketball Shoe Birthday Cake

This Basketball Shoe birthday cake is ready to walk out of the fridge by itself. It took a lot of pre manufacturing time to think out a process and get the details just right. My uncle contacted me about making him this cake. It seems that everywhere he went they were charging him at least $400. I was so worried that I couldn’t make it and didn’t have time before the actual party after all the thought process was over to actually try a sample cake.

So I traced an actual shoe and all the details of the shoe, which was hard seeing that the shoe was borrowed and to expensive to tear apart. I tweeked sizes of pics for certain details I couldn’t get off of the shoe due to awkward angles, to match the actual shoe size.

I baked a sheet cake, cut 4 of the actual shoe prints I had cut out of construction paper. I tried adding strawberry filling but that ended up on the floor so back to the drawing board without filling. much better then carved caked made fondant pieces (all in advance) so they would be as detailed as possible and take shape and placed in a Ziploc.

I  put it all together and there you go! Ready to walk out of the fridge in style!

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