Coolest Bathroom Humor Cake

My husband and stepson both have a great sense of humor, so when we were getting together I decided to see if I could get a laugh out of them. I did!

To make this bathroom humor cake I used two 9 inch round and one 9×13 square cake. I cut a hole in the middle of one of the round cakes for the hole of the toilet. Then placed it on top of the other round toilet for the “seat”. Then I cut the square cake into 3rd’s and stacked the pieces on top of each other for the “tank”.

For the ____ (well you know) I used lemon jello, I used a little less water than it called for and then twisted up tootsie rolls in it. The “seat cover” is just a piece of cardboard!

I had a blast making this cake, though I have to admit there were a few times even my stomach turned.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Bathroom Humor Cake”

  1. i love it i think its really great for jokes and to make other to laugh i couldn’t help it i couldn’t stop laughing i think im going to do it for my husbands b-day it would be funny !!

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