Cute Homemade Batman Birthday Cake for My Son

I made this Batman Birthday Cake for my son’s fourth birthday, with a Batman theme. I used two circle cake pans, one larger than the other, and stacked them using buttercream frosting. I frosted the entire cake with buttercream, and then rolled out and placed the fondant on top. (I dyed the fondant using blue and black). I cut out a Batman logo with fondant, and placed it on the cake with buttercream. I then cut out city building with the fondant, and placed them the same way.

I used Batman and Joker toys from McDonalds, and a batmobile car from there too. (They were luckily at McDonalds that very week! Perfect sizes!) I used a circular cake board with tissue paper on top, and I piped the words onto the board. The cupcakes are just done with buttercream, and I just swirled blue and black onto them.