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Cute Homemade Batman Symbol Cake for my Nephew

My sister asked me if I could make my nephew a Batman cake for his birthday. After looking at some of the cakes on your website I got the idea of the Batman signal.

I made a Duncan Hines butter recipe yellow cake with homemade buttercream frosting. I colored parts of the icing blue, black and yellow for decorating. The overall cake was blue to look kind of like the night sky, I did the trim and the bat in black and the signal light and writing in yellow.

I designed a road out of the black and yellow and topped it off with batman on a motorcycle. It was a big hit with my nephew and the family absolutely loved it. I mixed up my buttercream frosting the day before I baked the cakes and it made it a little rough looking after I put it on the cake. So I took my spatula and dipped it in a glass of warm water (don’t put the water on the cake) shook it off and used it to smooth out the top of the cake. The amount of water actually put on the cake should be kept to a minimum.

I decorated the batman signal using a star tip and piped it in after drawing it out on paper and tracing around the edges onto the cake. It took a while but it was worth the time.

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