Coolest Batman Cake

I made this Batman cake for my cousin’s birthday. It was his 11th birthday and he was having a small family party of about 15 people. He recently became a huge fan of the show Batman, The Brave and the Bold. I looked online for images from the show and came across this one.

I baked a chocolate cake and used a Wilton’s 10×3 round pan. I love the Wilton pans, they always bake so evenly if you follow the suggestions they come with (in this case 8 cups of batter at 325 for 80 mins).

I used a piping gel transfer to place the image on the cake. This was one of my first attempts using a piping gel transfer with a more complex image and it was still pretty simple. I just placed a piece of parchment paper over the image and traced it with a pen. Then I flipped over the parchment paper and traced the pen lines with piping gel and a round tip 1. (if the image is symmetrical and can be inverted you can just trace the image with piping gel to start with.

Unfortunately for me this image didn’t look too good flipped so I had to do it the two step way.) Once the buttercream on the cake cake stiffened I placed the piping gel image on top of the cake and rubbed it transferring the outline to the cake. Because the image was more complicated I piped the black outline with a round tip 1 before filling it in with a star tip 13 though this got tough towards the end because the outline stiffened and would pull up if the tip touched it.

I finished the cake by adding a shell border and the bat symbol around the sides of the cake (all buttercream). The cake was a huge hit!

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