Easy Homemade Batman Cake

I had been looking for different ideas to make a Batman cake for my boyfriend and I really wanted to use some idea from a comic book character as he is a fan of these films etc. I had a look at the ones on here and they are either the logo or an actual picture of Batman.

I didn’t have a lot of time to do this as I wanted to get it finished before my boyfriend was home from work, and I really liked the idea of the bat signal in the sky on another cake so I adapted it slightly to fit my round cake, which is a basic chocolate recipe. I used butter icing that I made to cover the cake, colouring it with blue food colouring to create the sky colour.

I then used a piping bag and black icing to drawer the outline of the buildings for the scene.

The actual light ray is used with some fondant icing that I had which was rolled out thinner and shaped into the desired shape. I used icing pen tubes that are good for smaller work and already coloured so saved time. I used the black to draw freehand the bat on the light and also to make the stars and the lights on the buildings.

I was pleased with the outcome and know how I can improve on this next time around by maybe using fondant icing for all of the cake instead.

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