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Coolest Homemade Batman Symbol Cake and Superhero Cupcakes

I baked a chocolate cake in a rectangle tin then carved it into an oval, and covered with yellow buttercream.

I made a yellow fondant oval and placed on top. I printed out the Batman symbol and made black fondant (my advice, buy black fondant as coloring is a mission)! I just cut around the printed symbol and placed on top.

Then cupcakes were more fiddly, very time consuming! The Superman badges I did free hand, made the base then rolled red fondant into a sausage shape and formed it into an S. The Batman faces and bats I drew onto cardboard then placed onto fondant and cut around it

The words I cut out the base shapes then rolled out fondant into thin sausages, and shaped out words. I did buy the Spiderman rings as the gel writing icing I tried to use just ended up looking silly LOL.

I made this cake for a lady from work. It was her son’s 5th birthday and when she came to pick it up, she was soooo excited she almost cried. The kids loved it and the birthday boy was very impressed! YAY!

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