Coolest Batmobile Cake

My son was having a Batman birthday and of course wanted a Batmoile cake. My fingers are not very artistic so I needed something really simple.

I made two mud cakes in Lammington tins (purely for size reasons). Mud works best as it does not crumble so much when carving. I used ‘You’ll Love Coles’ (for the Aussies) Mud cake mix preparing one caramel for each tin and swirling 1/2 a chocolate batch in each one (YUM!)

After they were baked and cooled I just did my best to carve out a shape that resembled different Batmobile pictures I looked a on the net. I used the scraps from carving down a bonnet to build up the passenger dome and wings.

Next I covered the whole thing in butter icing (I used the caramel mix that came with the cake mixes) then rolled a big sheet of black plastic icing out flat and draped it over the cake, pressing it down and smoothing it over my Batmobile shape.

All of the details were added with butter icing, the numberplate and wheels were made from left over plastic icing and the windscreen was made from almond icing with blue dye added and then I kneaded in some of the black plastic icing to get it dark enough.

To finish the look I added M&Ms for lights and drew ‘BATTOM’ on the numberplate in butter icing for my little Tom.

Everyone loved the look of the cake, especially my little man and it tasted as good as it looked.

Advice: Black plastic icing = Black teeth, but not for too long. Also, take some extra M&Ms as these were the popular bits of cake to ask for.

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