Coolest BBQ Birthday Cake Idea

We made this BBQ Birthday Cake Idea using ideas from this site and had lots of fun making it. We made 2 basic sponge cakes and cut the middle out of the top one and placed it on top of the 2nd one. We then covered tho whole cake with ready rolled icing. The coals were made from marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with icing sugar to look like ash.

The grill was made with liquorish laces. The meat was made from melting toffee in the microwave and molding into the shapes and indenting with a knife. The cheese on top of the burger was made using a yellow chewy sweet. We finished of by using the remaining icing to make the grass around the bottom of the cake and colouring with green food colour.

This cake was made by Tyler Chesters with help from his little sister Rebecca for their granddad’s 60th birthday. I’m sure he is going to love it.