Coolest BBQ Pit Father’s Day Cake

My hubby has been wanting a new BBQ pit for several years. Money is tight so I decided to make him a BBQ Pit Father’s Day Cake. I baked two 9 x 11 chocolate cakes and put a layer of chocolate ganache between the layers. For the “pit” I just cut out a square from the top of the cake and then placed white fondant on top. I painted with the Silver Pearl dust and then spray painted large marshmallows with black food paint and then put Black Twizzlers on top for the grill.

The “shishkabobs” are Green apple licorice and cherry sours. The “hamburgers” are the tops of marshmallow pies. For the cheese, I cut a square from fondant and painted it orange. There, my hubby got a new stainless steel pit for Father’s Day. We actually did put steaks on the grill and ate the cake for dessert.