Coolest BBQ Ribs Cake

For our party we decided to have a rib cook-off and I wanted to make a BBQ Ribs Cake to go along with the theme. I started with a standard 9 by 13 inch red velvet cake covered in cream cheese frosting. I made a batch of marshmallow fondant, set aside a small portion to make the bones with, and added red coloring to the rest until it was “meat” colored.

I lay strips of fondant on the cake to raise areas for each rib and then covered the whole thing with a large sheet of fondant. The bones were white fondant wrapped around a pink fondant core. I painted on the grill marks with straight brown paste food coloring and then diluted some to color the bones. I used a glaze of warm strawberry jelly to simulate the BBQ sauce.

Finally I wrapped up a cake board with aluminum foil to give it that hot off the grill look.

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