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Coolest BBQ Theme Birthday Cake

This unique grill cake I made for my sister-in-law who was turning 30 and and my brother hosted a huge BBQ birthday party for her. I am the baker of the family so I decided to make a grill with some burgers and things for decorations.

I made a 16″ round cake with fresh fruit filling and strawberry cream. Then I covered the outside with plain whipped cream and sprayed it with red edible food coloring. The top of the cake I sprayed with black food coloring to give it that dark look. Then I made silver lines to give it the grill look and used store bought hamburger candy, corn on the cob and a water melon slice.

I used yellow colored icing for the writing to give it that mustardy look. Everyone at the party was amazed at how this homemade BBQ theme birthday cake turned out and loved the taste.