Easy Homemade Beach Cake with Vanilla Wafer Sand

I made this beachcake for a friend who loves the beach. I made a rectangular sponge cake then iced half with blue buttercream and the other half with plain buttercream.

I covered the latter with crushed vanilla wafers then decorated it with milky way magic stars and white icing flowers. I decorated the ‘sea’ with gummy crocodiles and eels and milky way magic stars then sprinkled crushed meringues on to look like the surf in the waves.

I made a model of my friend out of royal icing which I rolled in orange food dye and icing sugar and used yellow icing for her hair, red gummy sweets for a bikini, a cola bottle as a drink and an inflated waterballon on a cocktail stick as a ballon. I finished of by using HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles.

It was a very easy cake to make and my friend loved it!