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Cool Homemade White Chocolate Sea Shells Beach Cake

Friends of mine go to the same resort in the Florida Keys that they were married at every year to renew their wedding vows. We have tagged along for a few years now and each year I say that I am going to  make them a new wedding cake. Without being there for the original wedding, I was so suprised to find out that my cake was a near replica of their original!

The cake is vanilla with swirls of a teal colored cake also vanilla. (This was their wedding colors) The icing is butter cream. The sand is made from brown sugar to simulate the look. The shells are white chocolate molds which were also colored to match their original wedding colors.

My favorite part of this cake is not only that it was for a fun loving couple celebrating a wonderful 5 years married, but that its also my furthest traveled cake. We live about 4 hours away and picked up a few friends along the way so this cake traveled in the car for about 6 hours! Hope you enjoy!

Coolest Beach Cake

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