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Coolest Beach Luau Birthday Cake

I made this 3 tier Homemade Beach Luau Birthday Cake for my niece Breanna. She was having a Luau/ Beach theme party for her 6th birthday. I have made a few cakes with Marshmallow Fondant. So I wanted to use bright colors and we had picked out some suckers to go with the theme. Some were fish gummy suckers and others were hard flip flops, sea horse and crab.

The top layer was vanilla with chocolate icing. The middle layer is strawberry cake with strawberry icing. The bottom layer is Chocolate cake with vanilla icing. I baked and iced the cakes and set them aside to get a little hard before I made the fondant. I make the fondant out of Marshmallows, water, food coloring gel and powdered sugar. Once its rolled out each layer gets covered in a separate color. Then stacked on top of one another. I just used a thin orange strip of fondant to separate each layer.

I started putting suckers on it and added some brown sugar to the top and around the bottom of the cake to make look like sand. I think I was able to make it look like a beach/luau theme once it was all put together. We all enjoyed it !

Homemade Beach Luau Birthday Cake

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