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Coolest Beach Wedding Cake

This wedding beach cake I made for my daughter’s wedding. We were traveling to the wedding so I only made the cakes at home.

I made 3 half sheets, 2 that I cut ends off to form squares for bottom. Saving the ends and cutting them for squares for on top. The third sheet I cut in half then into squares for middle. I also made the chocolate shells at home. I melted chocolate candies that you can buy in different colors and used shell soap forms.

Then I packed it all in an ice chest for traveling. The night before the wedding in the hotel I put the cakes squares together with raspberry filling then frosted each cake. Then I covered each square with fondant.

After that was done I had 3 square cakes. I bought a three tear cake kit but it was round so

I made squares out of foam poster board to set on top of the circle. Then I stacked the cakes on the tears that I put the foam squares on. Now all that I had to do was decorate it with the shells I made, and some colored sugar crystals that look like sand and some chocolate rock candies.

When I put it on the table at the beach I put the candy shells,sand, and rocks on the table for decoration.

Beach Wedding Cake

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  1. Hi – Just what I was looking for! When my children and nieces and nephews were little I always made character themed birthday cakes for them. Well they are all grown now and my nephew has asked me to make a beach themed wedding cake for him. This is both casual and yet elegant enough. Did you purchase or make the fondant?
    Had you made candy prior to your attempt at this?
    Were your cakes filled?


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