This is a homemade bear baby shower cake I made for my sister’s baby shower. I got the idea for a bear cake from this website. The face is made from two 8-inch rounds stacked (iced between the layers), with a ‘muzzle’ baked in a Pyrex ramekin dish.

The ears are each 2 stacked cupcakes held on top of eachother with skewers, and the ‘collar’ is 3 cupcake halves arranged in a scallop shape. The letters are iced onto mini cupcakes. I love the idea of including a batch of coordinating cupcakes to go with each cake I make, so I made a batch of matching cupcakes with bear paw prints iced on them. They aren’t attached to the cake at all, I just arranged a few of them next to the cake for the sake of the photo.

The cake is boxed Duncan Hines mix (the main cake is chocolate, and the cupcakes are angel food). I only used 2 mixes total, one for the main cake, and one for the cupcakes and add-ons. One angel food mix did 12 regular cupcakes, 12 minis, and the ramekin. The frosting is homemade cream cheese frosting tinted with gel food colouring for the pink, and with cocoa powder for the brown.

The facial features and letters are piped on with a writing tip, and I used a star tip for the paw prints and the bear’s collar. The ‘cake board’ is a cookie sheet covered in wrapping paper.

This homemade bear baby shower cake was really fun to make and not too challenging. I like that it didn’t require a lot of really specialized equipment or techniques, as I’m not a ‘pro’ by any means. It was certainly time consuming but well worth it. It was a big hit at the shower!