This Bear baby shower cake was made for baby Tommy. I was given these instructions: teddy bears, blue, Tommy, and add a few cupcakes.

I started with 2 8inch rounds for the tub and the flower cake pan as the base.

I made the teddy bear, flower pendants on some of the cupcakes and lady bugs from fondant. And I made the flowers and letters from gum paste.

The tub was filled and iced with butter cream chocolate icing and thick ring put around the top to look like the top of the tub. On top of the tub, I used blue icing and white icing for the bubbles.

The gum paste letters were secured to lollipop sticks and allowed to dry overnight.

I used the grass tip to cover the base. After doing this for half an hour I do not recommend using grass to cover a large surface. Also, if you are using true butter cream, be sure to watch the temperatures. I made sure I had the car cooled down for transport however, the site did not have air conditioning. The cake held up, but the chocolate butter cream became soft and you could see where the cake was pushing it out the sides by the time we cut it.

The cool part was, the guests didn’t notice it as it looked like it was intentionally, kind of like the metal rings on a barrel.