Easy Homemade 3D Bear Cake

My daughter wanted a Build-a-bear party for her 7th birthday, which meant a 3D Bear Cake. Because a bear’s tummy needs to be fat and round I used a bowl to bake the cake in. I used a smaller version of the same bowl for the head. I make two large Swiss rolls for the legs and two small Swiss rolls for the arms. The nose was a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball and the eyes needed to look real to me, so they are not edible but eyes you buy at a sewing shop. The ears are chocolate biscuits; I stuck two together with melted marshmellows just to make them look thicker and I used white chocolate discs for the inner ears and paws.

To make the fur look realistic I took my scapular and tapped the icing and it really worked well. I had a lot of fun making this cake for my beautiful daughter and hope you do too.