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Coolest Ever Homemade Beehive Birthday Cake

I made this Beehive cake for a cake auction last summer.

I used an 8″ round cake pan for the bottom layer and then a 1.5L glass pyrex bowl for the rounded hive part on top. This is the same way that a lot of Barbie Dress Cakes are made. I frosted it using a piping bag to give it the hive look. I then baked sugar cookies cut out as bees and frosted those. I baked most of them on small wooden skewers or toothpicks. I then inserted them into the sides of the cake. I also attached some just with frosting.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Ever Homemade Beehive Birthday Cake”

  1. I love this cake and want to try to make it for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I just have a question about baking with a Pyrex bowl. How do you keep it from not exploding. I know that Pyrex isn’t supposed to, but it’s totally happened to me and I’m completely traumatized and also what would the bake time be for the Pyrex. Thanks a lot.

  2. Just made this cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday – she kept asking for a bumblebee cake – “bumbee cake, bumbee cake!” My son chose this design from all the photos and it was really fun to make. My hive was not nearly as well put together as yours but we still enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your design.

  3. We had a pyrex baking dish explode on us awhile back. My husband went on the internet to see why, he found that they have changed the way pyrex is made and over time the glass gets mirco fractures (stress fractures). That is what causes the glass to explode. Doesn’t happen that often, but it can happen.

  4. I know these comments are pretty old, but I thought I would respond. I have not had any Pyrex explode on me, but I usually bake at like 325 so I am not using extremely hot oven temps. I can’t remember off-hand how long it took to bake, but I am thinking at least 30 minutes depending on the bowl size. I just had to watch and test a lot.

  5. I baked a cake in a Pyrex bowl at 325 for 1hr 15min with no problems. Start checking the cake for doneness after an hour.

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