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Cute Homemade Beehive Cake

I made this Beehive cake for my friend’s “Ba-Bee” Shower. The bottom is a 15 inch hexagon and the hive (from the bottom up) is a 10 inch round, 9 inch round, 8 inch round and the dome is made from a Pyrex baking dish.

I didn’t carve the cakes to make the hive. Using yellow butter cream, I iced the cakes smooth and then added accents with black butter cream. The bees on the bottom layer are sugar bees I ordered online. I believe Wilton makes them, but I can’t recall.

The larger bees I made from fondant about 5 days earlier. I wanted them to be dried out and sturdy! The three on the hive are attached by toothpick and the one swarming the hive is on a wire.