Cool Homemade Beer Mug Cake

For this cake I baked 3 x 4″ round sponge cakes. These were stacked on top of one another I then used butter icing and jam in between them. I then coated the cakes with spreadable icing leaving to dry over night. I used Teddy bear brown fondant icing for the sides of the glass and for the handle. The handle was made two days before the cake making sure that it was hard enough that it would keep its shape.

The top was made using ivory fondant icing with a small amount of brown dusting powder. This was then placed on the top of the glass and shaped. I marked out shapes in the icing using a teaspoon. This was then brushed with brown dusting powder. The board was covered using blue sugar paste with two circles marked out, this was piped around using a No2 nozzle.