Coolest Beer Pong Birthday Cake

This Beer Pong Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 18th Birthday! It was a white Cake with vanilla buttercream made out of 1 9 x 13 cake, and half of a square 9 x 9 cake. Put together for length.

I covered in green tinted buttercream, the white fondant was for the strips. I used tiny plastic shooter glasses covered in red fondant with a white strip filled with beer. A Kokanee label cut out of fondant.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Beer Pong Birthday Cake”

  1. this particular cake I put real beer in the cups, The cups were real little shooter cups I covered in fondant. If I wouldnt have put real beer in it, I would have put fondant, I would have tinted some piping gel with the golden yellow wilton color

  2. This is awesome..wish you lived closer to make me one of these for my friend’s bday tomorrow..:(..keep the good work up!

  3. I like the cake and will be making one for my boys but I am going to try and do Jello Shots (yellow) in the cups Thanks for the pic and ideas

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