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Coolest BEE-utiful Birthday Cake

This Homemade BEE-utiful Birthday Cake was a creation that I made for my mother’s birthday. I got my inspiration from my mom’s newest hobby, bee keeping. When I set out to create this cake I knew that I was going to have to be a bee cake. Currently enrolled in gourmet foods at school has helped me cultivate new creative ways to add to my cake creations.

The idea of the cake is that the stamen of the flower all grow letters on the end and the bees are harvesting the letters to spell Happy Birthday.

For this cake I used two round pans, two large cup cakes and three small cup cakes. The only thing used in decorating this cake that was bought was one tube of black frosting. I used bright colored butter cream frosting as well as royal icing creations that I prepared in advance to cover and decorate my cake.

For anyone who needs an easy royal icing recipe:

Mix Together:

3 egg whites (at room temperature)

1/2 tsp cream of tartar

1 lb. powdered sugar (4 cups)

(This is one of my recipes my mom demands I teach her before I leave for college in the fall).

Tip: In my opinion frosting bags are way too much work unless you need a 100% exact look. I always use plastic zip lock sandwich baggies (for both frosting and royal icing). Just cut the corner and the designs change based on how much of the corner you cut.

Homemade BEE-utiful Birthday Cake

Homemade BEE-utiful Birthday Cake

Homemade BEE-utiful Birthday Cake