Coolest Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Cake

I used a Dolly Vardin tin for this Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Cake and covered the cake in butter cream icing. I then used fondant to make the bodice and also the skirt. I then did a smaller skirt to go over the top to neaten it all up. I had made the yellow flowers the day before and used them to decorate the dress and to cover the join at the back to look like buttons. I also made the rose a few days before so it would dry and then skewered it through the skirt to hold it in place in line with it looking like it was sitting in her hand.

I borrowed the crown and teapot/teacup from the little girl as she already had these. She was so excited when she saw the cake that it made it all worthwhile!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Cake”

  1. What a beautiful cake. I have seen some interpretations of Belle and they fade in comparison…yours is by far the best I have yet seen!!

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